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    Glow Guard | Solar Sensor Lights (pack of 3)

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    In a world where protecting our homes is paramount, ensuring effective outdoor lighting is essential for the safety and comfort of our living spaces. However, finding a lighting solution that is both reliable and capable of adequately illuminating dark corners often poses a significant challenge for homeowners. This struggle can lead to feelings of unease and vulnerability, as inadequate lighting leaves homes feeling less secure and families less protected.

    Our solar light is designed to keep your home safe by lighting up dark areas as soon as it detects any movement. It's solar-powered and turns on automatically, ensuring that every corner of your property is well-lit and secure. Enjoy peace of mind at night, knowing that your home is protected by reliable, motion-activated lighting.

    RELIABLE SOLAR POWER: Utilizes solar energy, eliminating reliance on the electrical grid. This eco-friendly approach means a safer, well-lit home environment without the added electricity costs.

    ADVANCED MOTION SENSOR: Features a sensitive motion detector that activates lighting upon detecting movement within 6-8 meters, enhancing your family's safety by deterring potential intruders.

    100 LED BRIGHT LIGHTING: Armed with 100 powerful LEDs, this light casts a strong, bright glow, deterring intruders and ensuring your home remains a safe haven at all hours.

    WATERPROOF IP65 DESIGN: With its IP65 waterproof rating, this light stands strong against all weather, ensuring consistent, dependable outdoor lighting for your home's safety.

    270° WIDE ILLUMINATION ANGLE: Covers a wide area, ensuring no dark spots around your property. This extensive coverage helps keep your family and home secure from unseen threats.

    LONG-LASTING BATTERY LIFE: Comes with a durable 1200mAh battery, guaranteeing long-lasting illumination to keep your home secure throughout the night, providing peace of mind for your family.

    We understand the worry that comes with a poorly lit home, where every shadow and dark corner can feel like a threat to your family's safety. It can be distressing to hear unexpected noises outside at night, unsure if your property is sufficiently protected against potential intruders. A recent survey revealed that over 70% of homeowners feel more secure with well-lit exteriors, significantly reducing their worry about home invasions.

    Our solar light is a game-changer, blending bright, energy-efficient lighting with security to make your home a safer place for your family. With its powerful LEDs and motion sensor, it lights up dark areas instantly, deterring intruders and ensuring your property is always well-lit. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a secure home, where you and your family can relax and feel safe every night.

    Product Specifications

    Light Source:

    • Type: LED
    • Quantity: 100 SMD2835 LEDs
    • Color: Bright White

    Solar Panel:

    • Type: Polysilicon
    • Rating: 5.5V, 1.43W


    • Type: 18650 Lithium Battery
    • Capacity: 1200mAh
    • Charge and discharge protection included


    • Body: High-quality PC + ABS
    • Design: Modern and compact

    Charging Time:

    • Approximately 8 hours in direct sunlight

    Motion Sensor:

    • PIR sensing technology
    • Sensing Angle: 120 degrees
    • Detecting Distance: 6-8 meters

    Waterproof Rating:

    • IP65, suitable for outdoor use

    Illumination Modes:

    • Medium Light Mode: Continuous bright light in darkness
    • Dim Light Sensor Mode: Auto dim light; brightens with motion
    • Sensor Mode: Auto bright light with motion; turns off without motion
    • Light-off Mode: Can be turned off manually


    • Dimensions: 13.5 x 9.7 x 5 cm


    • Easy to install, no wiring required
    • Ideal for walls, patios, gardens, porches, lawns, pathways, driveways, etc.

    Additional Features:

    • 270° Wider Illumination Angle
    • Heatproof design
    • Energy-saving and environmentally friendly
    • Automatic day/night operation
    • Contemporary style


    Package Contents

    • 3 x Solar-Powered Motion Sensor Lights
    • Mounting Screws
    • User Manual