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    The Calming Cradle™ - Indoor Sensory Swing

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    "My daughters spends hours on this thing, she’s super active and gets bored easily, so this swing saved our lives, now every time she’s bored or overwhelmed/overstimulated she swings and it calms her down, a must have for kids with ADHD or for kids that are always on the go or can’t stay still! Everyone should have one! Great material and easy assembly!"

    - Jennifer Crowder
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    It can be a delicate balancing act to keep kids happy and engaged without pushing them past their limits, which can quickly lead to a meltdown. Dealing with a child's frequent emotional outbursts, especially in public settings, can be an emotionally draining experience, causing embarrassment, anxiety, and a sense of desperation. The experience of not being able to effectively communicate with or soothe a child who is experiencing intense emotions can be incredibly stressful, and can even lead to feelings of guilt or inadequacy.

    The Calming Cradle™ is a powerful tool that can help calm children down, provide a sense of security and safety, and potentially prevent tantrums from occurring. With its unique integrated seat that envelops the child, creating a sense of safety and comfort, the Calming Cradle™ provides a calming sensory experience that can help children feel more secure, potentially reducing the risk of a tantrum. Enjoy a greater sense of peace and confidence in managing challenging behaviors & situations, resulting in reduced stress and anxiety.


    REDUCE CHALLENGING BEHAVIOR: The Calming Cradle™ provides a unique sensory experience for children, that promotes regulation. Encouraging a sense of calmness and focus in children can make them feel more comfortable, ultimately reducing the likelihood of challenging behavior.

    PROMOTES CALM & FOCUS: The consistent and soothing movement delivers the necessary sensory input required to regulate a sensory system effectively. This has the capacity to effectively soothe and comfort children, instilling a feeling of safety and comfort that can enhance their overall well-being.

    PROVIDES A SAFE SPACE: The integrated seat is designed to envelop the child, providing a sense of security and comfort that can be incredibly calming. This unique design provides a safe and comfortable space, promoting a feeling of safety and security.

    A FUN & ENGAGING ACTIVITY: Made from high-quality, durable nylon fabric that is designed to envelop the child, providing a feeling of being swaddled or hugged. This sets the stage for a peaceful and secure environment, cultivating feelings of safety and comfort that can help children thrive.

    EASY TO INSTALL: The swing comes with all the essential hardware needed for installation, and it can be suspended from a secure ceiling anchor, such as a robust hook or a beam. The ease of installation makes it practical and convenient,  allowing for quick and easy set-up in a variety of environments.



    We understand how overwhelming it can be for parents to de-escalate tantrums, and the emotional toll it can take on them when they see their child struggling to regulate their behavior. It can be embarrassing and distressing when your child has a public meltdown, leaving you feeling powerless and frustrated as you struggle to calm them down and deal with the situation. A survey conducted by the Paediatrics Journal found 51% of parents reported feeling stressed or overwhelmed by their child's tantrums, which can have negative impacts on mental health..

    The Calming Cradle™ is a fantastic option for any parent who wants to provide a safe space for their kids while avoiding temper tantrums in a fun way. The gentle swinging motion can help to regulate and calm the nervous system, which can reduce stress and anxiety, and promote relaxation. The Calming Cradle™ is designed to offer a calming and relaxing sensory experience for children, which can assist them in regulating their nervous system, preventing meltdowns and allowing for a more peaceful home..



    • Material: Nylon/Cotton blend
    • Color: Blue, Red, Green, Black,Gray.
    • Product Dimensions: ‎63"D x 110"W x 0.1"H
    • Capacity: 220 Pounds
    • Size: 55” H x 53” W



    • 360° Swivel Hanger
    • 2 Screws & 2 Expansion Bolts
    • Heavy Duty Carabiner
    • Adjustable Daisy Chain
    • O-sling
    • Storage Bag


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