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    FlexiGlow™ - Motion Activated Bed Light

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    “I like how there's a timer you can set for how long you want it to stay on. I work at 230am and can’t see anything to get to the bathroom. I no longer stumble on my way to the bathroom. Don’t want to wake my hubs with bright light.“

    - Katherine Frazier
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    It’s common to wake up during the night to use the bathroom or grab a drink of water before returning to bed. Navigating a dark room can be challenging due to the increased risk of tripping over hidden obstacles or accidentally knocking over items, which can even wake up a loved one sleeping nearby. This situation may result in feelings of frustration and even the fear of tripping, ultimately giving rise to stress and discomfort.

    The FlexiGlow™ is a motion-activated LED light strip that subtly illuminates the area around the bed, making it easy to see. It’s equipped with a motion-activated sensor that turns on automatically upon detecting movement, such as getting out of bed, providing just the right amount of light. Enjoy the peace of mind and added convenience of being able to move around the bedroom safely and confidently, even in the middle of the night.



    ✅ MOTION ACTIVATED: The built-in motion sensor on the FlexiGlow™ activates when it detects motion within 3 - 5 meters and turns off after 30 seconds. This delivers an optimal level of illumination that ensures visibility and creates a safe, convenient nighttime experience.

    ✅ EASY TO INSTALL: The FlexiGlow™ comes with a handy self-adhesive backing that simplifies the installation process. Simply remove the protective layer and effortlessly adhere it to the desired location, allowing for a seamless installation without special tools or wiring.

    ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE: The customizable color temperatures can be set between 2700K (warm white) and 6000K (cool white). Warm white creates a cozy, inviting, and relaxing ambiance, while cool white establishes a bright, energizing, and focused atmosphere.

    ✅ ENERGY EFFICIENT: The FlexiGlow™ features energy-efficient LED lighting, which is renowned for its long-lasting performance. LEDs use considerably less energy to produce the same level of brightness, leading to lower energy costs and a minimized environmental footprint.

    VERSATILE & FLEXIBLE: The FlexiGlow™ offers great versatility, making it suitable for installation in numerous locations around the home or workspace. It enhances lighting, safety, and ambiance in various areas, including under furniture, alongside staircases, or under cabinets.




    We understand the dilemma between remaining in your warm, cozy bed or braving a dark room to make your way to the bathroom. It can be both frustrating and scary to navigate across your dark room, attempting to dodge obstacles and avoid potential injuries. A study found that one in four couples sleep in separate beds due to various sleep disruptions from turning on lights or making noise.

    The FlexiGlow™ is a motion-activated LED light strip that provides a safe, energy-efficient, and convenient lighting solution. The motion-activated sensor automatically turns on the light, illuminating the area around the bed, allowing for navigation in the dark. Enjoy newfound confidence and peace of mind during nighttime adventures, as the FlexiGlow™ transforms the bedroom into a welcoming, safe haven that caters to comfort and convenience.




    • Detection method: PIR motion sensor
    • Voltage: 5V
    • LED strip length: 3 meter
    • LED strip: 2835SMD
    • Delay time: 15s - 40s (adjustable)
    • Induction angle: 140
    • Material: ABS
    • Sending distance: 2 - 4 meters
    • Sensor battery: 4 x AAA batteries
    • Weight:  ‎12.3 ounces


    • LED Light Strip
    • Motion Sensor
    • Cable
    • Double-sided Tape
    • Instructions



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