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    The Glow & Go™ - Compact Mirror with UV Camera

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    “The Glow & Go is an innovative accessory that lets you know which areas of your skin need sunscreen touch-up. Its compact design and UV camera make it easy to use and perfect to take with you on any trip. The mini-camera is very useful for knowing where you need to apply more sunscreen, which is especially important on sunny days”

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    Caring for and protecting skin as part of a daily ritual promotes a radiant, healthy complexion for years to come, minimizing damage from daily exposure to the sun. UV rays quietly and persistently damage the skin over time, leading to a faded glow and a noticeable reduction in its smoothness and firmness. This situation can lead to feeling vulnerable and anxious, burdened by the constant worry of the unseen damage affecting the skin's health and appearance.

    The Glow & Go™ is a pocket-sized makeup mirror that provides added assurance in protecting the face from sun damage. Equipped with a digital UV camera, it provides a visual representation of sunscreen application, revealing any missed areas and ensuring effective protection against the potential damage of the sun. Enjoy a newfound sense of peace and confidence with the Glow & Go™ as it effectively safeguards exposed skin, promoting elevated well-being and a renewed sense of confidence.


    SUNSCREEN EFFICIENCY: The Glow & Go™ shows sunscreen application effectiveness by displaying applied areas darker, as sunscreen absorbs ultraviolet rays. This feature is crucial for skin protection, ensuring complete coverage when applying sunscreen, irrespective of the weather conditions.

    UNIFORM LIGHTING: The 360-degree fill light on the Glow & Go™ consists of LEDs arranged in a ring formation encircling the mirror. This ensures even lighting from every direction around the object, effectively eliminating harsh shadows and maintaining consistent illumination from all angles.

    EASY TO SEE: The 2X magnification on the Glow & Go™ provides a larger and more detailed reflection compared to a regular mirror. This makes it easier to see and focus on finer details during sunscreen application, makeup application, and other tasks that require precise observation.

    COMPACT DESIGN: The Glow & Go™, weighing 9.5 ounces with a 3.5" diameter and 0.7" thickness, is designed for portability. This enables effortless upkeep of grooming and beauty routines while on the move, resulting in a consistently polished and confident appearance.

    DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The Glow & Go™ is crafted from durable plastic and is designed for a chic and stylish aesthetic. This ensures the mirror withstands daily use, providing reliable performance and maintaining consistent reliability and aesthetic appeal over time.

    EASY TO USE: Press and hold the button to activate the UV camera, short press for the LED light, and close the mirror to turn off all functions. Discovering the effectiveness of sunscreen becomes effortless, simplifying the path to confident protection against harmful UV rays. 



    We understand the concerns and frustration when your face is exposed to daily sun damage, resulting in feelings of self-consciousness about the appearance of your skin. It can be distressing to realize that just a few minutes of sun exposure each day can silently diminish the delicate beauty of the skin, leaving you longing to protect its natural vibrance and maintain a healthy, youthful appearance. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, regular daily sunscreen use reduces the risk of developing melanoma by 50%.

    The Glow & Go™ takes sun protection to the next level, making it the ultimate solution for safeguarding against the harmful effects of sun damage, evoking a profound sense of relief and confidence. Equipped with advanced UV detection technology, The Glow & Go™reveals the areas of the face that are susceptible to sun damage, allowing for proactive steps in safeguarding skin from harmful UV rays. Enjoy each day with confidence, as the Glow & Go™ helps to diligently safeguards the skin, granting the freedom to relish every sun-filled moment with peace of mind.



    • Product Dimensions: 6.7"L x 4.8"W
    • Mirror size: 3.5" diameter 
    • Thickness: 0.7"
    • Weight: 9.5 ounces
    • Mirror magnification: 2X
    • Shape: Round
    • Finish Type: Polished
    • Color: white



    • 1 x Glow & Go™ compact mirror
    • 1 x Charging cable
    • 1 x Instructions



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