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    The Pro-Peek™ - Telescope with Smartphone Adapter

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    “This monocular is very powerful. More than I thought when I bought it. Crisp and clear images. Easy to focus. Fits in my hand. I am very happy with this purchase and use this regularly when outside in the field or just out looking in my big backyard or even looking up at the sky.”

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    In a world brimming with captivating landscapes and boundless wonders, photographing each moment on camera becomes an invigorating quest to immortalize the breathtaking beauty. Standard smartphone cameras often miss the mark, leaving the beauty of distant landscapes and elusive wildlife just out of reach and turning epic adventures into faded memories. These missed opportunities can lead to feelings of frustration and an emotional disconnection from the awe-inspiring moments that are encountered.

    The Pro-Peek™ is a game-changing Monocular-Telescope that pulls distant scenes up close, revealing breathtaking clarity and detail like never before. With the included smartphone attachment, the Pro-Peek™ effortlessly captures awe-inspiring photos and videos of distant scenes, seamlessly transferring them onto a mobile device for convenient sharing and storage. Enjoy revisiting extraordinary moments and breathtaking photos, forever immortalizing the awe-inspiring beauty and wonder of outdoor adventures.


    ✅ CAPTURE VIDEO & PHOTOS: Most smartphones can be attached to the Pro-Peek™ using the included adapter, which will securely hold the phone against the monocular's eyepiece. This transforms any smartphone into a powerful tool for seamlessly capturing high-quality images and videos of distant objects.

    ✅ HIGH POWERED LENS: With its 80x magnification, the Pro-Peek™ has a powerful optical system that brings distant objects closer, magnifying the subject 80 times larger than what is seen with the naked eye. It’s easy to capture clear and bright images, making it perfect for observing distant objects in stunning detail.

    CRYSTAL CLEAR IMAGES: The Pro-Peek™ is equipped with BAK-4 prism and larger objective lens, which provides superior light transmission and a clearer field of view. This results in breathtakingly sharp and vibrant images, delivering an unparalleled viewing experience with every use.

    ✅ TOTAL IMAGE STABILITY: Include with the Pro-Peek™ is a detachable tripod that securely attaches to the bottom of the monocular. The tripod guarantees steady shots while capturing photos or recording videos, as the monocular will remain stable and motionless every time.

    ✅ RUGGED CONSTRUCTION: The outer casing of the Pro-Peek™ is crafted from durable plastic, which is strong, lightweight, and dependable. It's designed to withstand rugged conditions and endure heavy use, it's an ideal choice for backpacking, traveling, and embracing the adventures that lie ahead.



    We understand the desire to capture the true essence of outdoor moments, as smartphones often fall short in capturing their full beauty and magnitude, leaving a sense of unfulfilled potential. It can be frustrating when the limitations of a standard smartphone camera tarnish the profound sense of awe that outdoor exploration brings, leading to an unfortunate sense of disappointment. According to a recent study, more than 83% of photos taken on a smart phone are never viewed again due to poor quality or lack of perceived interest.

    The Pro-Peek™ captures and preserves breathtaking moments with exceptional clarity, reigniting the joy of reliving extraordinary experiences. It seamlessly combines high-powered magnification and smartphone adaptability, capturing stunningly detailed photos and videos of distant scenes, unlocking a new level of visual exploration and storytelling. Embark on a visual odyssey with the Pro-Peek™, where the beauty of distant landscapes and elusive wildlife comes alive through vivid imagery, transporting to a world of awe and inspiration.




    • Color: Black / Green
    • Material: plastic shell
    • Type: Monocular
    • Magnification: 80x
    • Prism Type: BAK4
    • Prism System: Roof Prism
    • Focusing system: eyepiece focusing
    • Field of view: 258FT/1000YDS (3500m/20000m)
    • Lens diameter: 23mm
    • Objective lens diameter: 42mm
    • Supported Phone Width: 5.8-8.5cm
    • Weight: 1.06 pounds
    • Size: 2.76 x 1.18 x 1.57 inches
    • Waterproof: IPX7 Waterproof



    1 x Monocular Telescope
    1 x Tripod
    1 x Phone Adapter
    1 x Cleaning Cloth
    1 x Carry Pouch
    1 x Lanyard
    1 x User Manual



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