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    The Bald Boss™ - 7D Head Shaver

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    “Been shaving my head for 30 years now. Have used a number of different shavers over this time ( expensive to cheap ). Bought this shaver after it was recommended by a friend and soon realized this is by far the best, closest and easiest shaver I've ever used.”

    - James Brunson
    ✅ Verified Buyer


    Keeping a bald head results in a distinctive appearance, which showcases a clean, well-groomed look. Shaving with a traditional razor can become a time consuming experience and can lead to unpleasant skin conditions, such as skin irritation, razor burn, and other painful side effects. This may build a sense of demoralization and a lack of motivation to maintain this  desired appearance, which can have a negative impact on self-confidence.

    The Bald Boss™ provides a quick and convenient solution to achieve a smooth and polished bald look, making the grooming experience easier than ever before. It features seven multidirectional blades, provides a close and comfortable shave that's much quicker than traditional methods, leaving the scalp feeling smooth and refreshed. Enjoy the confidence and freedom that comes with a comfortable and effortless shave which will save time and effort in any daily grooming routine.



    ✅ SAVES TIME: The Ultra-flexible 7D pivoting blade design of the Bald Boss™ increases the shaving area and decreases shaving time. This ensures that every stroke removes more hair and is a consistently close shave, while maintaining comfort and efficiency.

    ✅ EASY TO USE: The Bald Boss™ offers full customization with adjustable settings for blade speed, shaving intensity, and vibration levels. This ensures a versatile grooming experience, accommodating a broad variety of hair types and lengths for a truly personalized shave.

    GENTLE ON SKIN: The 7 floating heads feature precision steel blades and dual-track cutting foil, ensuring long-lasting sharpness. This provides a close and comfortable shave that protects from skin irritation, razor burn, and other unwanted side effects.

    ✅ ALL-IN-ONE SET: The Bald Boss™ includes interchangeable heads, such as a nose hair, a beard trimmer, massage brush and more. Enjoy versatile grooming capabilities with just one device, helping to save money on unnecessary equipment for different grooming styles.

    ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The compact and ergonomic design of the Bald Boss™ is optimized for easy handling and maneuverability. This enables effortless grooming of hard-to-reach areas, resulting in a convenient and hassle-free shaving experience.

    ✅ WATERPROOF: Featuring an IPX6 waterproof design, the Bald Boss™, offers the flexibility to shave with or without shaving cream. The razor's compatibility with both wet and dry shaving enables seamless use even in the shower, further enhancing its versatility.




    We understand the struggle of maintaining a flawlessly shaved head and the challenge of getting a consistent shave across your entire scalp. It's a constant fight against stubble and regrowth, causing an awkward phase with hair too short to grow out but not clean-shaven, leaving you self-conscious and uneasy. A recent survey showed that men spend an average of 3 hours per week grooming themselves, highlighting a growing trend in self-care among males worldwide.

    The Bald Boss™ is a cutting-edge head shaver that effortlessly creates a smooth bald look, elevating the experience to new levels of convenience. Experience the 7 Floating Blade Heads, that deliver a smooth and comfortable shave, saving time and providing a simple solution for a clean-shaven scalp. Enjoy the effortless confidence and elevated self-care offered by the Bald Boss™, unlocking a renewed sense of pride and unparalleled satisfaction, enhancing any daily grooming experience.




    • Product Dimensions: ‎ 2.75 x 4.5 x 3.85 inches
    • Weight: 9.14 Ounces
    • Battery Type: Lithium
    • Rechargeable: Yes
    • Battery Life: 1.5 Hours
    • Charge Time: 90 mins
    • WaterproofIPX6



    • Bald Boss™ 7D Head Shaver
    • Nose Hair Trimmer
    • Sideburns Trimmer
    • Facial Massager
    • Facial Cleansing Brush
    • 3 limit combs
    • USB Charging Cable
    • Instructions



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