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    The Slim Saw™ - Pocket Chainsaw

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    “I purchased this to cut through some tree roots in a difficult spot where a powered chainsaw (or other powered tool) was too dangerous and a saw was impossible. It cuts really, really easily. It's very lightweight and compact. Perfect for camping/hunting/hiking. All in all a great purchase for me.”

    Johnny Stefanik
    ✅ verified buyer


    Going on a camping trip, backpacking excursion, or any outdoor adventure is always exciting, but it's important to be well-prepared for any unexpected situations. Without the right survival equipment, it can be difficult to start a fire, cut through thick brush, or even build a shelter to protect from the elements. The lack of proper equipment to manage a crisis can create feelings of vulnerability, anxiety, and stress, which can potentially lead to a dangerous situation.

    The Slim Saw™ is a compact, portable cutting tool used for cutting through branches, logs, and other types of wood. The chain is made of high-strength, heat-treated steel that is designed to withstand tough conditions and the saw's sharp teeth are bi-directional, which cuts through wood more quickly and efficiently. Enjoy the sense of self-sufficiency that comes with owning a reliable and efficient tool for cutting wood, which can lead to a greater sense of feeling more prepared and confident.


    ✅ CUTS ANY TYPE OF WOODThe bi-directional chain design has teeth on both sides of the chain, allowing for efficient cutting in both directions. This provides faster and more efficient cutting, making it easier to cut through softwoods, hardwoods, and even frozen wood

    ✅ LIGHTWEIGHT & POCKET-SIZED: The Slim Saw™ was designed to fit in a pocket, weighing only 6.4 ounces for maximum portability, making it an ideal compact tool for outdoor activities. This makes it extremely portable and easy to carry, without taking up too much space or adding significant weight.

    ✅ MILITARY GRADE DURABILITYThe heat-treated chain increases the strength and hardness of the blades, so it can withstand frequent use and heavy-duty cutting tasks. This means the  Slim Saw™ can withstand significant wear and tear without losing sharpness or breaking.

    ✅ MAINTENANCE-FREE DESIGN: The high-strength carbon steel blades are resistant to corrosion and rust, and can maintain their sharpness over an extended period. This means that the blades do not require frequent sharpening or any oiling or other maintenance to remain in good working condition.

    ✅ QUICK & EASY TO USE: The Slim Saw™ blade is 24 inches in length and has three times more teeth than traditional saws, which provides long-lasting performance. As a result, cutting is faster and more efficient, reducing the time and effort required to saw through wood.

    ✅ COMFORTABLE TO USE: The handles of the Slim Saw™ are made of soft nylon to ensure a secure grip and reduced slippage during use. When using a tool for extended cutting sessions, the comfortable handles create a notably more pleasant and safer experience.




    We understand that being unprepared for an emergency situation while on an outdoor adventure can be overwhelming and stressful. Venturing into the woods unprepared can leave you vulnerable to the elements and limit your ability to build a fire or shelter, potentially compromising your safety and survival in a harsh and unpredictable environment.  According to statistics, there are an estimated 15,000 search and rescue operations conducted on public lands each year in the United States, highlighting the importance of being adequately prepared and cautious when venturing into the great outdoors..

    The Slim Saw™ is a compact and lightweight alternative to traditional bulky chainsaws, making it an essential tool for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. The ultra-portable design means it can be easily packed in a small kit or carried in a pocket, ensuring there is always a reliable cutting tool within arms reach. Enjoy the great outdoors, whether building a shelter, starting a fire, or clearing a path through dense vegetation, the Slim Saw™ provides the peace of mind that comes with being prepared for any outdoor or emergency situation.


    • Blade length: 24 Inches
    • Cutting angle: 45 Degrees
    • Blade Material: High-Strength Carbon Steel
    • Handle Material: High Quality Nylon
    • Handle Color: ‎Orange
    • Weight: 6.4 ounces


    • Pocket chainsaw
    • Nylon carry pouch




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