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    The Zen Mat™ - Extra-Long Acupressure Mat & Pillow Set

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    “This is a superior product, it is firm and full body length. It relaxes my back, hip up to my feet, relieves pain and gives me a good night sleep. I use it on hardwood floor up to around half an hour with my clothes on. I have the pillow on my neck, and also able to bend my knee and put my feet on the spike.”

     - Wendy Fulton
    ✅ verified buyer


    Originating from Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure is a technique used to unblock and facilitate the flow of chi, or energy, throughout the body. Chronic muscle tension and stress can significantly impair daily life, often resulting in ongoing pain and a constant struggle to find an alternative relief. This ongoing battle with chronic muscle tension and stress can lead to persistent discomfort, disrupted sleep patterns, and increased emotional distress.

    The revolutionary Zen Mat™ is a transformative solution designed to provide natural relief from muscle tension, stress, and discomfort. With its unique extra-long design, it ensures comprehensive coverage of the body's pressure points, offering unparalleled deep relaxation and muscle tension relief. Enjoy the transformative benefits of the Zen Mat™ as it brings a renewed sense of calm, relief, and an enhanced quality of life.


    ✅ EXTRA LONG MAT: Measuring 125cm long and 42cm wide, the Zen Mat™ comfortably accommodates the back, shoulders, and waist, while the included pillow supports the neck. This provides sufficient room to accommodate different body types and effectively utilize the acupressure points on the mat.

    ✅ ALLEVIATE ACHES: The Zen Mat™ and pillow together feature over 12,000 spikes that are ergonomically engineered for optimal effect. This design effectively targets and massages areas of tension and pain by enabling intense, focused stimulation of the body's pressure points.

    REDUCE STRESS: Each individual acupressure point on the Zen Mat™ consists of 27 small spikes that are specifically designed to apply pressure to the body's meridian lines. By applying pressure to these meridian lines, the acupressure mat is designed to help release any blockages and reduce stress.

    ✅ EASY TO USE: Lay down on a flat surface with the back and neck aligned with the The Zen Mat’s™ spikes, followed by a period of relaxation with deep breathing for 10 to 30 minutes. This can stimulate blood circulation, alleviate tension, and release endorphins that act as natural pain relievers for the body.

    ✅ HIGH QUALITY: The Zen Mat™ is constructed using plant-based eco foam and high-quality thick cotton, a natural fiber renowned for being soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic. This blend of comfortable and eco-friendly materials strikes a balance between deep relaxation and environmental responsibility.



    Acupressure mats can take some getting used to. The spikes are sharp and can cause discomfort or pain for several minutes before they start to warm up to the body and feel good. 

    To get maximum results, use the mat each day for 10 to 20 minutes at a time. Remember to breathe and practice consciously relaxing your body. 

    Watch this short video for a tutorial:

      We understand the stress that arises from the demands of work and family, leaving you perpetually drained, emotionally frazzled, and struggling to find a moment of peace amidst the chaos. It can be physically and emotionally draining, to juggle work demands with family responsibilities, feeling like you're always running on empty. A study involving 519 participants revealed that more than 75% of individuals expressed high satisfaction with the effectiveness of acupressure treatments.

      The Zen Mat™ seamlessly aligns with the aspiration for holistic self-care, providing natural relief and fostering a more balanced, stress-free life. The distinctive extra-long design ensures comprehensive coverage, while over 12,000 precision-engineered spikes effectively tap into time-tested acupressure techniques. Enjoy the transformative power of acupressure and unlock a world of deep relaxation, relief, and renewed vitality, igniting a life brimming with comfort and harmony



      • Colors: Black, Blue, Purple
      • Mat size: 125cm x 42cm x 2.5cm 
      • Pillow size: 37cm x 15cm x 10cm
      • Mat weight:780g 
      • Pillow weight: 180g 
      • Spike material: non-toxic plastic
      • Mat material: high-quality thick cotton & plant-based eco foam



      • 1 x The Zen Mat™
      • 1 x Pillow
      • 1 x Storage Bag




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